Sacramento Aquarium Society

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Monthly Auction Rules


Sellers are required to log in their items with the Auction Chairperson prior to the beginning of the meeting. (Only members can sell items in the auction. Non-members can donate their items. Sellers must (properly) fill out an auction check-in form.  Speed up your check-in by clicking here to download the Auction Registration Form.) Each item will be given a number. Each seller is limited to a maximum of three (3) bags per species and a total of 30 bags, unless approved by the Auction Chairperson. A flat rate of $2 per bag going to the club and the rest to the seller. BAP and HAP Program entries are 100% donation to the club.

All fish bags must be double bagged, with the following information listed on the bag:

  1. Scientific Name
  2. Common Name
  3. Sellers Name
  4. Minimum Bid

All non-fish items should have listed somewhere on the item:

  1. Item
  2. Working/Non-working
  3. Sellers Name
  4. Minimum bid (optional)

Items that do not receive the minimum bid will be returned to the seller.


Anyone can bid at the auction. Members may run a tab and write a check at the end of the auction.  Non-members pay cash to the auction "runner."

Auction Procedure

The auction will have "runners" that will hand an item to the auctioneer.  The auctioneer will auction  all the donations including BAP/HAP first.  He will read the bag number then the species name and any other information that is listed on the bag.  Then the bidding will commence.

During the auction the auctioneer will require that you keep your hand/bidder paddle up until you are finished bidding.  The "runners" will bring your purchased items to you and you will be required to sign for the item (members only), non-members pay cash.  If paying cash, the "runner" will take your money to the auction table to be logged in.  The auction continues till all items have been run through the auction.