Sacramento Aquarium Society

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Monthly Auction Rules

Live and Silent

Auction lists 1-20 items must be checked by 6:30pm, Auction Lists more than 20 items must be checked in by 6:00pm, Auction Check in ends at 6:30pm sharp.

Live Auction tables are closed to viewing once auction has begun.

The Live Auction is for fish, invertebrates, plants and aquariums only.

Each Live Auction item needs to be numbered with a sequential (unique) number beginning with seller's initials (e.g. ABC101, ABC102, etc.).

  • Species (if known) and/or common name
  • Number of fish or plants in the bag
  • Sexes (if known)
  • Fish should be at least 1” total Length (Nano species excluded).
  • Fish should be secured in appropriate bag / container (No Ziploc). Inappropriate or leaking bags may be replaced at the expense of the seller ($1 Per Bag).
  • Minimum bids must be written clearly on the container, tank and form.

All other items are considered dry goods (for Silent Auction).

Minimum bids are encouraged, Minimum bids must be at least $10 for either auction.

Minimum bids must be written clearly on the container or tank.

Items submitted for the BAP/HAP must be clearly labeled as such.

6 Fish or 6 invertebrates are required for the BAP in one bag of 6 or two bags of 3.

The auction forms must be filled out by the seller. The dry goods auction requires a 2nd form. Auction Chair will not fill out your forms.

Dry goods must be placed in a tote supplied by the SAS Dry Goods Coordinator. (2 totes max unless there are some leftover at 6:55)

Once an item is entered into either auction, it cannot be removed until after the auction concludes.

Any unsold items can be reclaimed by the seller at the end of auction(not before). Unless other arrangements are made, unsold items not reclaimed by the seller after the end of auction will become property of the SAS and may be sold as donations at a later auction.

The Sacramento Aquarium Society reserves the right to place any item in either the live auction or the dry goods auction.

Early check outs will not be allowed during the final 30 minutes of the auction.

OpenOffice Form (fill out on your PC, save and print) Apache OpenOffice <--Click to download it's free.

Google Docs Version

PDF Form (print and fill out)