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Mega Auction

Sacramento Aquarium Society (SAS) Mega Auctions are free to attend and participate in. You do not need to be a member of the SAS to sell or purchase items at the auctions (for info about non members, see items #8 and #11).

Auction Rules


  1. Fish should be at least 1" total Length (Nano species excluded)
  2. Fish should be secured in appropriate bag / container (No Ziploc). Inappropriate or leaking bags may be replaced at the expense of the seller ($1 Per Bag).
  3. Each bag of fish or plants must be labeled with:
    1. Item number: Each item shall be numbered with a sequential (unique) number beginning with seller's initials (e.g. ABC101, ABC102, etc.).
    2. Species (if known) and/or common name
    3. Number of fish or plants in the bag
    4. Sexes (if known)
    5. Minimum bid (if any). Be careful about this; if an item does not sell for the labeled minimum bid, it will NOT be re-offered at a lower price. Apply a minimum bid ONLY if you are not willing to go lower.
  4. Each seller is limited to a maximum of five (5) bags per species, unless approved by the Auction Chairperson.
  5. Equipment should be labeled with:
    1. Item number (following the style and sequence of fish/plants)
    2. Condition (new/used, working/broken, complete/missing pieces, etc.)
    3. Minimum bid (if any; see 3.e above)
  6. Sellers must complete the AUCTION CHECK-IN FORM prior to checking in at the auction. Speed up your check-in by clicking HERE and bringing the completed form with you to the meeting.
    1. Sellers must fill out their own forms; our Auction Chair cannot do this for sellers at the auction.
    2. Each item for sale must have a separate entry on the check in form, identified on the form using the corresponding "Item number" labeled on the bag or item.


  1. Sellers must "check in" all items with the Auction Chair between 1:30 and 3:30 pm by presenting a properly completed "Auction check-in form" to the Auction Chair. We recommend you arrive early to check-in.
    1. After items have been checked in, they cannot be removed from the auction.


  1. Sellers are entitled to a split of the selling price for each item they registered as follows:
    1. For SAS members, the sale price of all non-donated items will be split 70% to the seller and 30% to the SAS for items less than $20; 80/20 split for items between $20 and $50; and 85/15 for items over $50.
    2. For non-members, the sale price of all non-donated items is split 50%/50% between the seller and the SAS.
    3. 100% of the selling price of donated items goes to the Society. Sellers are encouraged to donate at least one item to the Society.
  2. All sellers will be paid at the end of the auction. Sellers not in attendance at the end of the auction will be mailed a check for their sales, provided they supply a valid mailing address.
  3. Any unsold items should be reclaimed by the seller at the end of auction. Unless other arrangements are made, unsold items not reclaimed by the seller after the end of auction will become property of the SAS and may be sold as "donations" at a future auction.


  1. SAS members in good standing are entitled to run a charge account (tab) for items purchased in the auction. To run a tab, members must obtain a numbered "bidder card" from the Auction Chair prior to the start of auction. All tabs must be settled at the end of the auction.
  2. Non-members can bid on and purchase any items in the auction, but cannot run a tab. Nonmembers should obtain a "CASH" bidder card from the Auction Chair prior to auction start. All non member purchases must be paid in full at the time of their winning bid; nonmembers may pay for items using cash or paypal.

Have questions please email Jan Nolta.

Auction Check-in Forms

OpenOffice Form (fill out on your PC, save and print) Apache OpenOffice <--Click to download it's free.

Google Docs Version - Click on File->Make a copy and save it to your personal Google Drive.

PDF Form (print and fill out)