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Mega Auction

Auction Rules

  1. All items must be checked in with the Auction Chair between 5:00 and 6:00 pm.  No items may be removed from the auction once checked in.
  2. Each item shall be numbered with a sequential (unique) number beginning with seller's initials (e.g. AB101).
  3. Juvenile fish should be of sufficient size to insure positive identification.  Three quarters of an inch (3/4") is recommended as a minimum size.
  4. Fish and plants must be bagged (preferably double bagged) in fish bags (Ziplock bags will be turned away for rebagging).  Deflated or leaking bags will be charged a $1.00 rebagging fee.
  5. Sellers must (properly) fill out an auction check-in form.  Speed up your check-in by clicking here to download the Auction Registration Form.
  6. Equipment should be labeled with its condition (working order, broken, etc.).
  7. Each bag of fish or plants shall be labeedl with:
  • Species (if known) and/or common name
  • Number of fish or plants in the bag
  • Sexes (if known)
  • Minimum bid (if any)
  • Item number
  1. Each seller is limited to a maximum of five (5) bags per species, unless approved by the Auction Chairperson.
  2. Each seller will be entitled to a split of the selling price for each item registered as follows:
  • The sale price of all non-donated items will be split 70% to the seller; 30% to the Society (members) for items less than $20, 80/20 split for items between $20 and $50, and 85/15 for items over $50, and 50%/50% for non-members.
  • 100% of the selling price of donated items will go to the Society. Sellers are encouraged to donate at least one item to the Society.
  1. Sacramento Aquarium Society members in good standing are entitled to run a charge account (tab) for items purchased in the auction.  All tabs must be settled at the end of the auction.  Bidder cards for tabs can be obtained from the Auction Chair.
  2. Non-SAS members may purchase items for cash at the time of their winning bid.  "CASH" bidder cards can be obtained from the Auction Chair.
  3. All sellers will be paid at the end of the auction.  Sellers not in attendance at the end of the auction will be mailed a check for their sales, provided they supply a valid mailing address.

Have questions please email Joshua BlackĀ .