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The Sacramento Aquarium Society (SAS) is a local fish club that meets at 7:00 pm on the first Saturday of each month.  We are a non-profit organization with an objective to encourage and further the interest of the care and breeding of tropical fish and to promote the exchange of information between amateur aquarists.  Meetings typically include a guest speaker, bowl show, raffle, attendance prize, and an auction which includes fish, aquatic plants, and aquarium supplies.  Many of the auction items go for less than wholesale prices.

Next Meeting February 3rd

Program: Stephan Tanner - Filtration

Stephen Tanner

Stephan has been a fishkeeper since 1982. Born in Switzerland, he received his first fish tank at age 14. A fascination for biology led to a master's degree in Ecology and Molecular Biology (1995) and a PhD in Human Molecular Genetics (1998) from the University of Bern, Switzerland. During his undergraduate years, he worked for a local fish store (Spiezer Zoo). In 1998, he moved to Columbus, Ohio for a postdoctoral fellowship in cancer research at the Ohio State University. In the fall of 2005, he was promoted to Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Molecular Virology, Immunology, and Medical Genetics. His work in cancer genetics has produced 50 peer-reviewed papers published since 1998.

In 1992, Stephan became a member of the International Society for Barbs, Tetras, Loaches, and Catfishes (IG BSSW). From 1994-2006, he was the editor-in-chief for its quarterly publication BSSW Report. He regularly travels to fish-related events all over the United States and Europe. Stephan is a member of the IG BSSW, American Cichlid Association, American Livebearer Association, North American Native Fishes Association, Minnesota Aquarium Society, and Columbus Area Fish Enthusiasts. Since January 2013, he serves as a senior editor and translator for Reef to Rainforest Media LLC in Vermont, the publisher of the famous CORAL and AMAZONAS magazines.

In 2012, his wife Wendy was recruited by Mayo Clinic and they moved to Rochester in southeastern Minnesota. Since then, Stephan has since focused on expanding his company, SwissTropicals LLC, known for Poret© filter foams and the Jetlifters™ brands.



02/03/2017 - Membership Dues Change March 4th

SAS membership dues change will go up at the March 4th General Meeting. SAS offers two types of memberships, digital (email copy), and snail mail (printed copy) newsletter. Annual membership dues will go up to $30 for snail mail, and $20 for digital. You can join or renew your SAS membership now for $24 for snail mail, and $14 for digital via PayPal through March 6th.

02/01/2017 - General Meetings

General Meetings start at 7:00 pm. Socializing times are between 4:45 and 7:00 pm. Auction check in is between 6:00 and 7:00 PM. No auction Items will be checked in after 7:00 pm. Click here for Monthly Auction Rules. Also keep in mind that we now ask for membership cards to be shown when checking in.

08/01/2016 - PayPal Monetary Donations

SAS has a easy way to make a monetary donation, if you wish. Click on the ad below to be redirected to PayPal's web site and enter any amount you wish to donate.

02/18/2016 - Google+ Community - Sacramento Aquarium and Pond Hobby


Bringing together aquarium and pond hobbyist of the greater Sacramento area. Some of our sponsors and many SAS members have already joined. A great place to share information with other hobbyist in the area.

A link has been added on the left side menu of this home page for you to find it quickly.

Have you joined yet?

06/10/2015 - Historic Tropical News Online

Modesta Moréy has digitized historic Tropical News going back to 1955 and they are now available via Google Drive for those members that have a Google account. If you have a Google account and you do not see the Tropical News in your "Shared with me" folder send me (Tony Griffitts) an email and I will share it with you.

"Members Only" Web Pages

The Members Only section is available to members of the Sacramento Aquarium Society.  It currently contains articles, current and past digital issues of the Tropical News newsletter,  email addresses for club members, contact information for club officers and committee chairs, a list of sales table products, and  Board of Directors meeting schedule.

Contact Tony Griffitts (SAS Webmaster) for access.

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