Sacramento Aquarium Society

Bringing Aquarium Hobbyists of the Greater Sacramento Valley Together Since 1952


Guest Speaker Kent Webster and SAS member Chris

New Guinea explorer and fish collector Kent Webster (left) and SAS member Chris talk about his expedition and collection of fishes from New Guinea.

Guest Speakers

Every regular monthly meeting SAS has a guest speaker. Many of these speakers are authors, professors, expert hobbyist, industry leaders, and field collectors. Many of these speakers are well known nationally and internationally in the hobby.


Members can enter fish, aquatic plants, and aquarium supplies in the auction at each SAS meeting. Many of the items offered in the auction go for only a dollar.  This is a great place to find rare fish and aquatic plants that are very hard to find in stores. Many of the members donate fish and plants they reproduce at home. Discus, rare Tanganyikan cichlids, Madagascar cichlids, gudgeons, livebearers, angelfish, and show quality tank raised fish are often offered. See the Auctions page for more information.

One of the auction tables.Rich Bireley

Some of the items being auctioned off at one of the monthly meeting (left). Rich Bireley auctioning off the items at February 2015 "Mega Auction."


One dollar buys 3 tickets for the raffle. Most raffle items include, aquarium products, aquariums, fish food, and gift certificates to local area fish stores.

Raffle Table

Some of the items donated by sponsors for the monthly raffle.  A great way to pick up aquarium supplies for your hobby and generate funds for the society to bring in our outstanding speakers.

Attendance Prize

A monthly attendance prize is offered at every general meeting. All members have a chance to win $20 if they are present when their name is drawn at the end of the meeting.


Every meeting members have the opportunity to socialize and exchange ideas, and experiences. Many of the members are expert hobbyist, authors, reseachers, and industry leaders that are always very willing to share their experience and answer questions.

monthly meeting

Members show up early to socialize and check out items to be auctioned off before the monthly meeting starts.