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09/05/2020 Online Meeting: Rich Bireley - Fish Room Tour

08/01/2020 Online Meeting: Dr. Ron Coleman - The Evolutionary Ecology of Fishes Lab at Sacramento State

07/11/2020 Online Meeting: Tour Jonathan Wardrip's Fishroom With Live Streamed Q&A

06/06/2020 Online Meeting: Tour Larry and Mary Shankle's Fishroom

SAS Video - Interview with James Krause, Rivers to Reef

Synodontis and their Close Relatives - Birger Kamprath

Dutch Style Aquarium - Bart Laurens

Collection Trip to the Western Ghats of India - Sumer Tuwari

Poor Man's Collecting Trip - Chuck Rambo

Riddle Me This: When is a Species Not a Species? - Dr. Eric Thomas

How I Spent My Summer (and Spring) - Dr. Eric Thomas

Keeping and Breeding Loricariid Catfishes - Ingo Seidel

Underwater Treasurers of Costa Rica - Dr. Ron Coleman

History of Cichlids in the Hobby - Chuck Rambo

Aquarium Horticulture Methods - Dr. Tom Barr

Bloopers and Blunders, or my membership qualifications for joining the Dead Fish Society - Jim Ellenberger

Rift Lakes for Rookies - Chuck Rambo

Swordtails and Platies Wild and Wilder - Richard Griffiths

From Birth to Death: The Evolution of Guppies Under The Threat of Predation - David Reznick, PhD

My Pond Experiments - David Huie

Lake Malawi 2012 - David Fraguglia

Go with the flow: adventures with river tanks - Matthew McGee

Ny Trondro Malagasy: The Fishes of Malagasy - Dr. Paul V. Loiselle