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The Sacramento Aquarium Society's (SAS) Breeder's Award Program (BAP) encourages the propagation and dissemination of fish species, promotes the dissemination of information regarding their propagation and husbandry, and serves as a means for recognizing the accomplishments of SAS membership toward these goals. Participation in the BAP should enhance member's enjoyment of their fish.


The SAS BAP is dependent on the integrity of its members to acknowledge the authenticity of their own fish breeding activity.

  1. Participants must be a current and active member in good standing with SAS at both the time of spawning and at the time of submission.
  2. Points are earned by submitting fish, and may also be earned with the submission of an article, talk and /or a photograph of the fish. The member must have first turned in the fish for credit. Articles and/or photos CAN be turned in the same month as the fish, just not in advance of the fish being credited. Participants are encouraged to keep track of their points; however, the BAP Chair and SAS Board have the final say on any disputes regarding points.
  1. When submitting fish for credit, a minimum of six (6) fish must be donated to the SAS unless other PRIOR arrangements are made with the BAP Chair.
  2. Articles must describe the maintenance and husbandry of the respective fish. In addition, breeding and fry rearing information are also required. Articles must be readable, informative and publishable in the newsletter. Article will be provided to the BAP Chair and will be given to the editor of the Tropical News for publication, at the editor's discretion. Each article must be a minimum of 500 words.
  3. Photographs must be publishable (i.e., in focus) and submitted as prints or in a digital file suitable for publication. Furthermore, the photos will be substantially composed of the fish spawned. The BAP Chair will make the judgment on the acceptability of the photographs. Photographs may be taken using print film, slide film, or using a digital camera. These pictures will also be provided to the editor of the Tropical News for publication, at the editor's discretion.
  4. Contact the BAP Chair if you want to do a 15 minute talk at the Sacramento Aquarium Society meeting. Arrangements will be made with the President in advance of the talk.
  1. The BAP Chair is responsible for awarding points. Disputes must be brought to the attention of the BAP Chair. If resolution cannot be reached, the BAP Chair shall bring the matter to the attention of the SAS Board. Decisions of the SAS Board are final.


General breeding credits are given to members on the basis on one (1) verified spawn per species. No consideration is given for difficulty. Addition credit will not be given for different color morphs (including type localities), variations in finnage, or subspecies. (Any deviation from this standard MUST be cleared with the BAP Chair in advance of submitting the fish for credit.)

Points are awarded as follows:

  1. Fish via a verified spawn 5 points
  2. Article 5 points
  3. Photograph 5 points
  4. Talk (15 minute minimum) 5 points

A verified spawn will consist of the following:

  1. A donation of two (2) bags of at least (3) fish each to SAS. The breeder should make all reasonable efforts to ensure an appropriate mix of males and females whenever possible. All juvenile fish turned in for credit must be of "saleable size." "Saleable size" is defined relative to the adult size as follows:
Size of Adult Fish Saleable Size of Fish
0.05" to 1.50" 0.50"
1.60" to 3.00" 1.00"
3.10" to 6.00" 1.25"
Over 6.10" 1.5"
  1. Each bag MUST be labeled with the most current scientific name as well as any synonyms or common names known to the breeder. The breeder's name should also be clearly listed.

Disputes as to the "Taxonomical Distinction of Forms" will be acceptable if the following rules are observed: Breeder must provide reliable references as to the taxonomical distinctness of the species. The BAP Chair currently uses the Aquarium Atlas by Baensch as the primary reference, and uses other books and area experts for double checking information and for more specialized information.

The SAS BAP Chair may also correct species names based upon incorrect spelling, inappropriate designation or when the Chair is aware of a more current name of the species.


  • Novice: For the accumulation of fifty points (50), a certificate will be awarded.
  • Breeder: For the accumulation of one hundred point (100), a personalized plaque will be awarded.
  • Senior Breeder: For the accumulation of two hundred points (200), plaque will be updated.
  • Master Breeder: For the accumulation of five hundred points (500), the personalized plaque previously awarded will be updated to contain the names of all species spawned.


Only active members may participate in the BAP. The BAP Chair will make all reasonable efforts to maintain a copy of all spawning records. Points will be posted for 12 months after membership expired; however, point totals will remain on record with the Chair. Participation can resume when the member rejoins, and points will then be posted.

Revised 8/06