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The Sacramento Aquarium Society's (SAS) Horticultural Award Program (HAP) encourages the propagation and care of aquatic plants and other living parts of the aquarium environment and serves as a means for recognizing the accomplishments of SAS membership toward these goals.  Participation in the HAP should enhance member's enjoyment of their planted aquarium.


The SAS HAP is dependent on the integrity of its members to acknowledge the authenticity of their own plant propagation activity.

  1. Participants must be current and active member in good standing with SAS at the time of submission.
  2. Points are earned by submitting plants with a completed HAP Form, and may also be earned with the submission of an article, talk and/or a photograph of the plant. The member must have first turned in the plant for credit.  Articles and photos CAN be turned in the same month as the fish, just not in advance of the plant being credited.  Participants are encouraged to keep track of their points; however, the HAP Chair and SAS Board have the final say on any disputes regarding points.
  1. When submitting plants for credit, a minimum of three (3) stems must be donated to the SAS unless PRIOR arrangements are made with the HAP Chair.  Such exceptions may include slow growing plants such as Anubias, where the requirement may be modified to be one plant of saleable size.  Again, check with the Chair first.
  2. Articles must describe the maintenance and propagation of the plant.  Articles must be readable, informative and publishable in the newsletter. Article will be provided to the HAP Chair and will be given to the editor of the Tropical News for publication, at the editor's discretion.  Each article must be a minimum of 500 words.
  3. Photographs must be publishable (i.e., in focus) and submitted as prints or in a digital file suitable for publication.  Furthermore, the photos will be substantially composed of the plant.  The HAP Chair will make the judgment on the acceptability of the photographs.  Photographs may be taken using print film, slide film, or using a digital camera.  These pictures will also be provided to the editor of the Tropical News for publication, at the editor's discretion.
  4. Contact the HAP Chair if you would like to do a 15 minute talk at the Sacramento Aquarium Society meeting. Arrangements will be made with the President in advance of the talk.


Points will be earned for each species or sub-species.  Species and sub-species will be considered different taxonomically if a sub-specific name has been designated.

Points are awarded as follows:

  1. For each distinct species 5 points awarded for donation to the society auction, and an additional 5 points can be earned when donating a second bag for auction on a different month, for a total 10 points
  2. For each distinct sub-species 5 points
  3. Article 5 points
  4. Photograph 5 points
  5. Talk (15 minute minimum) 5 points

All species must be grown and propagated at the HAP participant's own home.

Each bag MUST be labeled with the correct nomenclature and any specific growing conditions.


  • Novice Gardener: For the accumulation of fifty points (50), a certificate will be awarded.
  • Intermediate Gardener: For the accumulation of one hundred points (100), a personalized plaque will be awarded with individual species propagated listed on plaque.
  • Senior Gardener: For the accumulation of two-hundred points (200), the personalized plaque previously awarded will be updated with new individual species propagated listed on plaque.
  • Master Gardener: For the accumulation of four-hundred points (400), a new plaque will be awarded showing new species, since last level.


Only active members may participate in the HAP.  The HAP Chair will make all reasonable efforts to maintain a copy of all spawning records.  Points will be posted for 12 months after membership expired; however, point totals will remain on record with the Chair.  Participation can resume when the member rejoins, and points will then be posted.

Revised 1/07